Houston Texans Sign Tyson Clabo, So It's Probably Safe to Make Wild 53-Man Roster Picks

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Shaping up for training camp.
Completely and utterly sucking the previous season has its privileges in the National Football League.

As a fan of the Houston Texans (if you are one), you may already know this, and if you didn't know this, you will find out repeatedly throughout the preseason and the early part of the regular season.

Sure, we all know about the privileges on draft night. First overall pick, Clowney, first pick in every round, "A second is really like a first! A third is really like a second!", blah blah blah... Well, there is also another key privilege that manifests itself frequently throughout the "roster construction" phase this summer, and that's being at the front of the one for any waiver cuts throughout the league.

Yes, the Texans essentially get dibs on other teams' garbage as they put it on the curb. It's like they're the most privileged homeless person ever!

As a result, the depth chart is probably going to look like a sea of revolving doors until Bill O'Brien determines he has the group he's ready to hit the over on 7/5 wins with.

The waiver aspect will become more of a "thing" as training camp unfolds and other teams begin to make cuts. In the meantime, the churn and burn on the existing roster continues.

It started this week with 2013 third round pick offensive tackle Brennan Williams being let go with injury concerns, and it continued yesterday with fullback Brad Smelley (and his unfortunate last name) being cut loose along with defensive lineman Tim Jackson. On the "add" side of the ledger was tight end Chris Coyle, an undrafted free agent out of Arizona State.

On Wednesday, the Texans finally made it official, trying to shore up their precariously thin tackle depth chart by signing Tyson Clabo, who started 15 games for the Miami Dolphins and apparently made it through the entire season without bullying or being bullied, a rarity on the Miami 2013 offensive line.

The ties to the Texans for Clabo are obvious, with his having played for offensive line coach Paul Dunn in Atlanta and with former Dolphin personnel guy Brian Gaine heading up scouting for the Texans, and with Derek Newton's being named the starter almost by default, Clabo has a decent look at the starting gig here.

So with the moving parts somewhat stationary for now, let's take a totally ridiculous and early stab at the 53 man roster, knowing full well that Bill O'Brien and Rick Smith could be making so many moves that Daryl Morey looks patient by comparison.

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