Former Texan Sam Montgomery Arrested for Speeding by Overzealous, Now Suspended Cop (VIDEO)

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Sam Montgomery in his Texans days.
When Sam Montgomery was a Houston Texan, he always seemed like a really nice guy. He just never seemed all that motivated, up to and including his release from the team after a somewhat mysterious incident involving a quasi-tobacco product at the team hotel in Kansas City last season.

Certainly, there was nothing fast about Montgomery's Texan tenure (except for maybe the length of time it took to end). So it's a tad ironic that Montgomery, now a Cincinnati Bengal, was arrested early last Wednesday morning for going 89 MPH in a 55 MPH zone back in his home state of South Carolina.

Now, that's fast.

We all saw this story, we all cracked our jokes. Jokes about Montgomery, jokes about how he's "fitting in perfectly on the Bengals," long a police blotter punch line of a franchise.

Now comes the video footage of the traffic stop and it's interesting, to say the least.

It appears from the footage that Montgomery was indeed speeding, and speeding pretty significantly. If you're more than 25 MPH over the speed limit, that's enough to be arrested in South Carolina, and Montgomery was certainly exceeding the posted speed limit by a sizable margin.

However, the trooper on the scene, a pudgy little Napoleon identified as L. Cpl. R.S. Salter, was definitely overzealous to the point of unprofessionalism in pulling over and apprehending Montgomery. Courtesy of Fox Carolina, here's the report of the traffic stop:

According to Laurens County jail officials, Sidney Sam Montgomery, 24, was charged with speeding by the Highway Patrol.

Montgomery was stopped on Highway 72 three miles west of Clinton at 12:37 a.m. on Thursday going 89 mph in a 55 mph zone, according to Cpl. Bill Rhyne with the Highway Patrol.

Rhyne said the trooper used his discretion to arrest Montgomery, which is allowed under South Carolina laws for speeding.

The trooper, who was identified as L. Cpl. R.S. Salter, was suspended following the incident.

The South Carolina Department of Public Safety issued the following statement:

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I have attended our town's Citizen's Police Academy (CPA) and done a ride along with officers.  I sympathesize with their challenges, given that they must deal with many less than cooperative thugs.  But when they are dealing with a non-violent, cooperative citizen, they need to dial it down.  The officers I observed did exactly that, even though they were fully capable of handling the thugs, also.  

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