Five Texas Politicians Who Should Have Palin-style Internet Shows

Photo by Bryan Williams
Palin got her own Internet channel; maybe Perry will be next.

We all thought Sarah Palin would be focused on seizing the White House, but this week she announced that she is seizing the Internet. Carpe diem! Or something.

Yep, the lovable former Alaska governor and infamous vice presidential candidate is offering herself up to the world via the Internet. You see, Palin believes that the media, that many-tentacled creature with its love of sound bites and politically correct filtering, has been keeping the real Palin from shining down directly on her audience. Well the filter is coming off and now you'll be able to get a dollop of Palin direct on her Internet channel by paying $9.95 per month or $99.95 per year.

As much fun as unmitigated and (theoretically) uncensored Palin will be, this got Hair Balls thinking of some Texas politicians we'd like to see spinning themselves out there in the Internet channel way. Here are the Top 5:

5. Wendy Davis. Since Davis vaulted onto the national political stage with her filibuster of an anti-abortion bill in the state legislature, she has turned her big moment in neon-pink running shoes into a bid to become the first Democratic governor since Ann Richards. That has since stalled out, at least according to the polls. Instead of the dynamic and intriguing political figure that we were presented with at the start of the Davis campaign, she has faltered and become kind of boring. Maybe, like Palin, the Davis channel could offer some "behind-the-scenes fun" to prove that Davis wasn't actually transformed into a political robot who only speaks in campaign speak. If it turns out she actually is a robot, it could still be fun to watch, especially if it turns out she's a real-world Lorelai Gilmore when she's not out campaigning.

4. Dan Patrick. Patrick is the guy most likely to be the next lieutenant governor, and the person holding a big chunk of the power is going to need an outlet. Back in a former life, Patrick was a TV sports reporter in Houston, so he's already got the on-camera experience. Maybe his channel can feature him sportscasting all of Texas politics, or calling the different developments horse-race style. That would be neat. We would totally watch that.

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