Fantasy Crime League Update: Jimmy Smith Makes It Five Ravens Arrested

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Welcome to the league, Jimmy Smith!
We've seen this Harbaugh Brothers movie before.

One Harbaugh has a team that jumps out to a huge lead, only to see the other brother's charges come storming back to make it a contest. We saw it in Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans, John's Ravens taking a huge lead in the third quarter only to see Jim's 49ers have a shot to win in the final minute.

Well, it's playing out that way again, only this time it's John's Ravens making the late run. Also, the sport isn't football, the sport is offseason crime.

Over the weekend, Raven cornerback Jimmy Smith helped shave 49ers lead in the NFL offseason Fantasy Crime League to the slimmest possible margin.

Late Saturday night, Smith was arrested and charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct after an alleged incident at a suburban Baltimore bar.

Unlike the other four Ravens to get into criminal trouble this offseason (and especially unlike the incident where Ray Rice allegedly knocked out his fiance), the story of Smith begins with him actually helping another human being. According to the police report, Smith was helping a drunk woman in the bathroom at a Towson bar when she began to feel sick.

Medics arrived shortly thereafter, and perhaps pretending he was a doctor, and apparently wanting to see the treatment of his patient through to fruition, Smith would not comply with multiple requests to step aside and allow the doctors to do their job. Police asked Smith to step into the hallway, and he became argumentative.

Thankfully, upon arrest, Smith began to cooperate. (Amazing how a citation will do that sometimes.)

Smith, 25, is considered one of the top young cornerbacks in the NFL, and like many 2011 first round draftees, he recently had his fifth year option ($6.5 million) for 2015 exercised, keeping him under contract for at least two more years to Baltimore. Smith was no stranger to off the field issues in college at Colorado, which was the main reason he fell all the way to 27th overall in the 2011 draft.

So with less than two weeks to go until training camp, which Harbaugh brother has the team that will emerge victorious? The Ravens have the overall lead in number of players arrested (five), but the two 49ers who have piled up their points (Chris Culliver and Aldon Smith) have made it count just a little bit more (Niners lead 8 points to 7 for the Ravens).

I smell another fantastic finish!

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