Dwight Howard Tweets #FreePalestine, Then Takes It Back When He Gets Shelled


Rockets center Dwight Howard upset a lot of his fans this weekend with his tweeting #FreePalestine, and then deleting it a few minutes later.

Howard posted the tweet Saturday afternoon in response to a mention by twitter user @NckJ6.



He promptly deleted the tweet after receiving backlash from many of his followers. According to TMZ, even the Zionist Organization of America had something to say about it. "He should be publicly condemned as strong as Donald Sterling was," said the organization's president Morton Klein.

On the flip side, it's Howard's apology that angered what seems like the other half of his twitter followers.

Fans called him a "pansy" and his apology "pathetic".

This morning Rihanna had a similar twitter debacle about Middle Eastern politics, sans apology, all of which indicates: celebrities who venture into this situation littered with land mines armed with only 140 characters or less are no more successful sorting through the politics of the Middle East than all the politicians and finest minds of the past decades.

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Joey Carlson
Joey Carlson

This rick tyler is why rockets cant get free agents

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