Is the CSN Houston Madness Almost Over? Maybe

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So the Astros and Rockets finally get on TV. The Astros and Rockets finally start making some money from the network. Comcast is gone, and the Astros have to stop using the lack of money from the network as an excuse for some of the team's financial moves.

But there's no guarantee that a deal's going to get done. It's obvious the parties are concerned that Comcast will attempt to torpedo the deal in some manner, thus the request to keep the purchaser's identity secret from the CSN Houston board because the only party on the CSN Houston board that doesn't already know the identity is Comcast -- the other members on the board are the Astros and the Rockets. The Court ordered that the identity of the potential purchaser be made available to the attorneys representing the network in the bankruptcy, and Judge Isgur's comments before his ruling made it clear he wasn't happy with board members trying to prevent other board members from being aware of what's happening with the network.

The next big date is July 31. The network is obligated to disclose to details of the proposed detail to the Court. And according to the brief filed by the Rockets/Astros, the purchaser made it clear that it would not be willing to proceed with the deal if all details are not finalized by August 7.

So it's almost all over. Except maybe it isn't. The Astros and Rockets appear to have found a buyer. They just don't want Comcast to know who it is. Happiness may not be a warm gun, but seriously, try reading through this stuff sometime and not conclude that the Beatles meant not heroin, but CSN Houston.

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gossamersixteen topcommenter

Your web admin should be fired, the splash page link on your home page links to a totally unrelated Lebron article.


Hopefully all of Houston will get to watch the Astros and Rockets in the near future.  Please!

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