The Seven Best Patriotic Things About Houston

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Photo by Adam Baker

It's July 4, Independence Day. A day for Americans to get drunk in the name of patriotism.

And in that patriotic spirit, we know every city in the United States is American, but Houston might be the most 'Merican of them all. Here are seven reasons why:

Photo by Paul Hudson

7. The city's namesake, Sam Houston, is a big part of this country's history.
Not only was he a leader in the Texas Revolution, Houston is the only person ever to serve as governor of two U.S. states. He served terms as governor of Tennessee and of Texas.

Photo by Luke Gattuso

6. We're fat.
Americans are known for being obese. Houston had in past years been ranked America's Fattest City by Men's Fitness, but it's getting better. This year, Men's Fitness ranked Houston No. 31 among America's 50 most populous cities, putting it somewhere between fit and fat (just a little flabby?).

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Ian T. Komouss
Ian T. Komouss

More patriotic then Boston or Philadelphia or DC. Man, can I have some of the stuff you guys are smoking or the stacks of money your advertisers send you so you can decide what and how to write about something?


The first word said from the moon was, "Houston..."

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