Beagles Released After Years of Experimentation in Research Lab

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Courtesy Beagle Freedom Project
How many more dogs are being used for lab research in Texas?
A non-profit animal rescue group has negotiated the release of seven beagles who spent their lives being experimented on in a "border area lab."

Beagle Freedom Project's press release states that the five females and two males "have never been outside, played with a toy, or experienced human affection. Several of the dogs are nine years old and traumatized." All the dogs have been adopted and will meet their owners today in Hutto.

It's unclear what "research" the dogs were used for, but Beagle Freedom Project Spokeswoman Lorna Campbell told us via email that "In our three years of existence, we've rescued dogs that have been used for household product testing, cosmetic testing, and medical research."

Then there's this: "They often have their vocal chords surgically removed so that they cannot make any noise and disrupt the technicians working in the labs."

Yes, it would be a shame for the technicians to be disrupted in their pursuit of the perfect make-up.

Campbell explained that "We do not name the lab the dogs come from because it means they will never release dogs to us again, and would jeopardize the lives of hundreds of animals....The only reason we can save these dogs is because we agree to keep this information confidential."

The group says it's saved over 200 beagles "and other animals" from labs around the country, but this is the first Texas release.

The group states that beagles comprise 96 percent of the 65,000 dogs in research labs.

Beagles are "the breed of choice because they are friendly and docile," according to the press release. "Very few of these dogs ever survive their time in research, as most laboratories summarily euthanize the dogs as a matter of policy, even if they are healthy and adoptable."

Check out the group's Cruelty Cutter app, which allows you to scan a product's bar code to determine it's "animal-testing status."

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These dogs are NOT ‘rescued’ from research facilities. They’re voluntarily released by the lab animal caregivers who love and cherish them. Research institutions have been rehoming dogs for years – without ‘help’ from the Beagle Freedom Project (BFP).

Readers should be aware that BFP is led by extremists, including one convicted of domestic terrorism. BFP misrepresents themselves to the research institutions they target and then lie to the public about the condition and treatment of these dogs. Why? To demonize the quest for cures that you and I still demand.

Just look at the dogs in the pictures and videos and you’ll see the truth through BPF’s lies. Their body condition and coats are gorgeous because they receive top notch nutrition and veterinary care while they’re with us. They’re friendly because they have enjoyed socialization and playtime with other dogs and our caretakers who adore them.

They’re offered for adoption because we love them and are grateful for their contributions to human and animal well-being. We want these heroes to live long, healthy, fun lives with loving adopters who have the patience and information needed to help them adjust to their new families. BFP promotes lies, not education, so adopters often reach out to our community for help. How many Beagles released to BFP end up in shelters, rather than loving homes, because BFP cares more about its agenda than our precious heroes?

Please support Beagle Rescue League instead: Their only agenda is finding good homes for Beagles that have changed our lives.

Dr. Cindy Buckmaster

Chair, Americans for Medical Progress

Sam Anawaty
Sam Anawaty

2 of the dogs from this rescues are now Houstonians.

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