Hair Balls Viral Video Box Set From Over the Weekend

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The NBA ear-blow that went viral.
It's summertime.

Not officially yet, the official start of summer is June 21 (I think), but after a weekend of stifling humidity surrounded by multiple torrential thunderstorms, for all intents and purposes, it's now summertime.

And that means that it officially sucks for most of you to have to go into work. So this is the time of year where many of you really jam your employer by being as clandestinely unproductive as possible, essentially mired in a months long silent protest that you don't get fourteen weeks of vacation a year. (As opposed to the remainder of the year where you mix in a tiny bit of work around fantasy football, March Madness, and Twitter wars. Admit it.)

So if I can help you waste just five more minutes, I'll feel like I've done my part to help you stick it to the man. (Kind of my own version of giving a hungry child or stray dog 18 cents a day. Or whatever.) So to that end, here are a few of the videos that went anywhere from slightly to highly viral over the weekend...

No disrespect to all of you Crossfitters that like to clog up my Facebook and Twitter feeds with tales of your herculean feats of strength in the gym (riveting as they may be), but I am far more interested in the workout stories of the dude who is scarfing down a slice of pepperoni while half-assing it on the sit up machine....

(h/t The Big Lead)

Hey, I respect innovators, and I really respect anybody with the stones and ingenuity to try to take an idea that's in their brain and make it a tangible reality. Honestly, other than inheriting a shit-ton of money or becoming one of Donald Sterling's attorneys, entrepreneurship is one of the only paths to set yourself up independently for the rest of your life. So I say kudos to Titans (and former Texans) safety Bernard Pollard, who has taken the angst he feels over a cluttered bathroom sink area and turned it into $39.99 of folding plastic organizational bliss. Behold, the Style Pro 31! (Yes, Bernard Pollard invented this.)

(h/t Yahoo! Post Game)

I am totally assuming that this video is real and not some sort of CGI hoax fostered by the dude that made the feather in Forrest Gump meticulously travel on a breeze exactly where it needed to go for the shot at the end of that movie. If indeed this is real, this airplane thrower should get season tickets. Or his own paper airplane construction show on A&E. (Sadly, I would watch a show devoted to the best creators of time wasting classroom distractions like paper football triangles, spitballs, and fart noises).

(h/t to the internet)

Predictably, the Miami Heat disposed of the Indiana Pacers on Friday night in a game where they jumped out to a double digit lead in the first quarter, grew it steadily to over 30 in the second half and then cruised to an easy win, thankfully ridding the playoffs of the ridiculous antics of Pacers guard Lance Stephenson, antics like this...

And this...

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