Two From Houston Plead Guilty in Scam That Focused on Chinese Restaurants

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Photo by David Bruce Jr.
Restaurants benefited from placement agencies, like the one's part of a case in Texas federal court.
If you ever wondered how restaurants get all that cheap labor, a court case involving an employment scam might give you an idea.

A Houston pair could face up to 20 years in prison after pleading guilty in Beaumont on Wednesday as part of a scam that placed illegal immigrants into jobs. According to a report in the Associated Press, "Two businesses in Houston recruited immigrants mostly from Mexico and Central America."

Lina Sun, 54, and Chenglun Ma, 57, pleaded guilty to racketeering conspiracy.

The pair were part of a larger scheme, and the report says that the Hong Li and Tai Shan agencies provided restaurant workers throughout the South and as far away as Maine.

"Court records indicate Sun and Ma were affiliated with the Hong Li enterprise," the AP reported.

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It's long been rumored that the largest Chinese buffets here hired immigrants from China too, as part of an indentured servitude type deal.

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