Five Things You Can Do With the Seaweed in Galveston

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Photo by Monica Fuentes
The tropical view of seaweed.
If you're still bothered by the mounds upon mounds of seaweed that's been washing up on the shores of Galveston, you're not alone. We're not fans of the stuff, the sight of it, the smell of it or the feel of it.

However, we figured there had to be some options for dealing with it. Here are a few:

Thumbnail image for DonChowTacosFoodTruck.jpg
Photo by Makenachiemi

5) Seaweed food truck

All of that washup on Galveston would be a steady supply of the base product for a truck we'll name Seaweed Dreams. It'd be a hit around Houston.

Photo by J.-H. Janßen

4) Use it for gardening

That's right. Garden heads are probably already aware of the benefits of seaweed mulch.

Photo by Patrick George

3) Make tea
Sure, it's more popular in Asia, but what's stopping us here?

Photo by Dubravko Sorić

2) Beats salt?

A British study showed that granular seaweed works the same as salt but without all the health problems.

Photo by Mario Roberto Duran Ortiz

1) Turn it into biofuel

There's one type of seaweed that's been used in tests. Why not give it a whirl with sargassum?

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Jacob Bocanegra
Jacob Bocanegra

tell these idiots u can smoke it and get high. the beach will be picked clean in 2 hrs......

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