Top Five Things That Will Surprise You About Houston

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So, you've come here and you've figured out some of the downsides about life in the H. Now how about the many pluses?

We've got an outstanding restaurant scene. And our theater scene rivals the best, Broadway shows have been created here.

We were drawn to the Bayou City by a number of things, the culture, the city, the Texas life were all appealing. Here's a few things we didn't expect, but that make us love this city just a little more.

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5) You can grow a great garden in your backyard

Tomatoes, grapes, yams, zucchini. According to the, the list also includes fruits like apples, blackberries, blueberries, cherries, grapefruit, oranges, peaches, pears, plums and a bunch of other gorgeous delights.

If there's no drought, you're good.

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4) Lots of pretty people

Houston doesn't make those top 20 cities with pretty people lists (although we did make top 50 of a recent Travel and Leisure magazine survey), but we think there's tons of attractive people around here.

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3) Business is booming

Man are there a lot of jobs here. And with Mexico opening up to international importing of oil, who do you think they'll want to buy from?


2) It's a gay friendly place
And the passage of the recent non-discrimination ordinance makes things a whole lot better.

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1) Medical Center

This is probably one of the best places in the world to get sick. They can cure anything here, but of course, the less you frequent this spot for medical reasons the better.

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After HCAD is done vacuuming the money out of our wallets for property tax increases this year, I sure wish the City of Houston would spend some of my cash on fixing the decrepit road conditions, and beautifying the city.  I like living here, but man,...Houston is undoubtedly one of the ugliest cities I've ever seen.


@moosecack My appraisal has gone up considerably over the last five years, and yes it does pinch quite a bit, but here's the way I look at it: 1) We bought a house in a popular neighborhood. We could move to the suburbs and pay far less, but we made our choice, and we're happy with it. 2) This is the trade-off for having a booming economy. 3) We don't have a state income tax. Consider those states that have both high property taxes and state income taxes, like New Jersey, and be thankful. 4) I totally agree about how ugly Houston is. And our city passes ordinances that discourage historic preservation, mainly because of our obsession with traffic and parking. 

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