'The Homosexual Playground of the South' (Part 3)

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While the women appeared at the courthouse on the trial date, none of the vice officers involved showed up and the case was dismissed. Predating the Stonewll riots in New York City, this marked one of the first displays of organized gay militancy in the city. The ordinance wasn't repealed until 1980, but Wanstrom's protest put her and Ray Hill in the same orb, and both would be driving factors as Houston's LGBT community began to officially organize. In 1968, Wanstrom, David Patterson, and Hill formed the Promethean Society, the first Houston gay and lesbian political action organization.

Shortly after Wanstrom's rare victory and the formation of the Prometheans, the Stonewall riots, a landmark event in LGBT history in the United States, shocked gay communities and ushered in a decade of militant political activity that began paving the way towards the current milieu.

After Stonewall, gays were done with being quiet and going along.

Pokey Anderson is another woman who'd had enough discrimination and was ready to fight. At 22, Anderson arrived in town just in time to attend the first national women's conference in 101 years, and while at the conference she says she "discovered I was not the only lesbian in town." She also found Wanstrom's dance club as she gravitated towards other politicos who were ready for action.

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Wayward Shepherd
Wayward Shepherd

We do have a large and active swingers' community, so why not?

Anissa DelaCruz
Anissa DelaCruz

Really? When are we getting our own adult sized slide? New York had one... *taps toe*

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