Difference Between What You Make and How far It Goes in Houston and Four Other Cities

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Your money's not worth what you think it is.
It's called real personal income. You might make more than the median yearly salary here, which is $31,265, but how much bang for your buck are you really getting?

Here's a look (via Planet Money's breakdown of Bureau of Economic Analysis Data) at the real value of median income in five cities.

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5) Hot Springs, AR

If you make $25,020 it's real value is $27,771. This must be the only place in American where the median salary is worth more, but we're still not ready to move here.

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4) Los Angeles

For the folks making the median, just $29,914, they only get about $23,929 out of it. We can't imagine how life in LA is possible at this price.

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Evan Alltemus
Evan Alltemus

I've lived in both Dallas and Houston. Before I came to Houston I never heard anyone in Dallas mention of a rivalry between the two cities.

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