The 12 Most Ironic Tweets From Aaron Hernandez's Twitter Account

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Now for some sage advice one the way to bed. Keep this one in mind as Aaron Hernandez tries to defend his plea of "not guilty" for these three murders....

Uh huh.... Let's keep movin'....This next tweet came on Valentine's Day:

Clearly, his mood indicates Hernandez had just gotten some V-Day nookie.


My conclusion -- Hernandez was far more benign and far less scary when "shots" meant "drinks," not "bullets."


Hey, one "live it up" for each person Hernandez allegedly whacked!

These next two are intertwined, and probably enough reason for Rickie Fowler to seek government protection, considering how many people within arm's length of Hernandez wind up expiring early.....

More quoting of people with 100 more IQ points than Aaron Hernandez....

Yeats, Hernandez. Hernandez, Yeats. Same guy, really.

And finally....

Yes, this final Twitter salvo was sent just a few hours after Hernandez allegedly shot Odin Lloyd and left his body to rot in an industrial park.

Live it up! Live it up! Live it up!

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chris luder
chris luder

His Facebook page is lots of fun now too. My favorite part is all of the delusional thug chicks still talking about how fine he is and "Free Aaron Hernandez" "stop hatin'". What a world we live in today...

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