The 12 Most Ironic Tweets From Aaron Hernandez's Twitter Account

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Aaron Hernandez, the prison inmate formerly known as a professional football player.
"We lead the world in computerized data collection!" -- Artie Bucco, The Sopranos

Before social media, before the internet, hell, before computers, there was a time where the "fingerprint" we left behind was essentially hand written documents, stories from loved ones, and yes, our actual fingerprint.

These days, though, for better or worse, there are so many other forms of remnant we leave behind when we are no longer around. (To be clear, for our purposes in this post, "no longer around" can mean "dead" or "incarcerated.") Every step we take on a computer, in a search engine, on Twitter -- they're around forever!

So when Aaron Hernandez gets sent away to prison, and we miss hearing his voice or hearing his musings, his memory endures in other non-imprisoned places.

Like Twitter!

While the actual person Aaron Hernandez remains behind bars in Suffolk County awaiting trial on three murders (and counting, I guess?), the Twitter version of Aaron Hernandez (at least the one that existed up until June 18, 2013, goes by the name @AaronHernandez) remains on the interwebs for us to relive the magic, a delightful 282 tweet blend of poor spelling, rampant retweet binges, and inspirational quotes.

Anytime someone like Hernandez reveals himself to be the alleged monster it appears he is, it's normal to go back and look at some of his figurative fingerprint (like Twitter) and see if we could retroactively piece together clues that should have warned us that he is capable of killing multiple people and compartmentalizing an NFL season in between.

That takes a special level of sociopath!

And I'll admit it, Twitter Aaron Hernandez seems to be, by and large, a pretty likable (albeit only moderately literate) fella! He is interactive, he is affable. Hell, by the time we get to the weeks leading up to the Odin Lloyd murder, he's a commercial and promotional machine. Like Rocky Balboa in the opening credits of Rocky III.

(One side bar: He was off Twitter altogether for about 50 days, from June 24, 2012 through August 13, 2012. As we now know, there was probably a reason. Two, actually.)

Going back now and reading the tweets, here are a small handful of them that are dripping with irony, in chronological order:

Ah yes, but what do kill u, make u dead, Aaron.


Man, that tweet reminds me of a couple of my favorite songs. Remember the Police's hit single "Every Breathe You Take"? Or that song from Top Gun "Take My Breathe Away"? Good tunes, man. You're right, Aaron. It is about the breathe taking moments.

Let's keep going... I like to RT this one on occasion just to scare everybody on Twitter....

For a brief moment, you were terrified, right? It's ok, "YES!!!" is the correct answer.


File that last one under the hashtag #IronicRetroactiveSelfGlossTweet

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chris luder
chris luder

His Facebook page is lots of fun now too. My favorite part is all of the delusional thug chicks still talking about how fine he is and "Free Aaron Hernandez" "stop hatin'". What a world we live in today...

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