World Cup Fever in Houston, and You Still Have Time to Catch It (VIDEO)

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Have you recovered from Sunday's devastating tie yet? No? Listen, we get it: Sometimes not losing is worse than losing, but you can't dwell on that forever. Tomorrow the USA plays Germany, and they need all the support you can give.

Don't believe that Houston has World Cup Fever? Check out the above video to see all the folks who turned out to BBVA Compass Stadium on Sunday for the big game with Portugal. There's so much red, white and blue involved it might make you tear up a bit.

When it comes to sports, we may not always be the best on the field, but we will out-party any nation around.

If you haven't been swept up in the World Cup yet, fear not, here are a few handy guides so that you can enjoy the rest of the tournament:

*If you still need a team to root for, perhaps you should let fashion be your guide.
*If you find that the commentary is just awful, here's some World Cup tunes you can listen to.
*Need somewhere to watch the games? We got you covered so you don't miss a single goal.
*Not sure what to wear? Check out what other World Cup fans around Houston have been rocking.
*Want to hate-watch the Cup? We can help with that, too.

The U.S. takes the field against Germany Thursday at 11 a.m., and it sure would be neat if they could pull off an outright win. Of course, there are other ways for the U.S. to make it to the knockout rounds, but a victory would just feel the best, ya know?

This does present an interesting problem: If you have a day job, will you even be able to watch the game? How has your office been handling that situation? Anyone holding a soccer watch party at work? Let us know in the comments below.

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