Super Bowl Bid Document Shows How Much Houston Had to Promise to Get Super Bowl LI

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IV. TRANSPORTATION D. Traffic Management Plan
SP: I just put this one in here so that all of you in Houston could get a good chuckle.
VI. GOVERNMENT GUARANTEES J. Alcohol Ordinance Waiver The NFL requires assistance from the Host Committee in obtaining waivers or exemptions from any laws and/or ordinances that prohibit the serving of alcoholic beverages such that beverages may be served until at least 4:00AM following the Game at the sites of the NFL and Teams post-game parties.
SP: So if you're looking for a place to keep the party going after 2 a.m. during Super Bowl weekend, find out where the two teams are having their post game parties.
XIV. MEDIA CENTER AND ADDITIONAL FACILITIES D. Golf Courses The NFL requires the reservation of three (3) top quality 18-hole golf courses, at the same site or in close proximity to one another, for use by the NFL Foundation Golf Classic, scheduled for the Saturday prior to the Game. Greens and cart fees at these three courses must be waived, or otherwise provided at no cost to the NFL. For deep winter locations, the NFL reserves the right to stage this event in the summer or fall of the regular season preceding the applicable Super Bowl.

The NFL requires the reservation of one (1) top quality 18-hole golf course, for use by the NFL, to host a NFL Network golf event in early March following the Super Bowl.

SP: We are going to need free golf, and some more free golf. Also, we will need free golf. And when the Super Bowl is all done, we will celebrate our mutual success with more free golf!

XIV. MEDIA CENTER AND ADDITIONAL FACILITIES E. Bowling Lanes The NFL requires the reservation of up to two (2) top quality bowling venues at no rental cost for use by NFL Foundation for hosting the NFL Foundation Super Bowl Celebrity Bowling Classic events on the Wednesday and/or Thursday evening before the Game.
SP: Rent-free bowling! I love stuff like this in an RFP. Even better would be if this is what losing a Super Bowl bid came down to... "Yeah, we loved everything about Indy's bid, but the bowling alleys were the difference. The bowling alleys in Minneapolis were just flat out better. Next question..."

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That's really funny! I am working in Minneapolis web design firm...Therefore, I have seen the same thing before in Minneapolis, MN.

These owners do not know the meaning of the word shame. They need to rename their organization The National Freeloaders League. All this free stuff and they cannot afford to pay the cheerleaders the minimum wage? Disgraceful. And this includes you Bob McNair, you cheapskate.

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