Super Bowl Bid Document Shows How Much Houston Had to Promise to Get Super Bowl LI

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SECTION I. STADIUM B. Stadium Operations 8. Communications Requirements b. Cellular & Wi-Fi- Coverage & Capacity The standards are expected to the ability to provide a carrier and device agnostic infrastructure delivering ubiquitous cellular and Wi-Fi coverage and capacity to support all fans, media, game operations and supporting staff in attendance.
SP: Of all the advancements and improvements, both city-wide and near the stadium, that I am most excited about as a Houstonian is the adherence to this clause. By definition of compliance, the fans in attendance should all be able to use trouble free wi-fi, with no delays or glitches. So rejoice, Houston! By 2016 or so, you should be able to place second half bets and check fantasy scores during Texans home games!
SECTION I. STADIUM I. Signage and Advertising 6. No Commercial Exploitation The Stadium owner must agree that it will not use the Super Bowl Game in its sponsorship sales promotions or otherwise, and will not attempt to commercially exploit the designated Super Bowl, unless it obtains the NFL's advance written approval of such use.
SP: How about this one! Yeah, you can bid on the Super Bowl, you just can't brag about it or exploit it. This is like when Ronald Miller spent $1,000 to "date" Cindy Mancini in Can't Buy Me Love, but she made him walk ten feet behind her. Exact. Same. Thing.
SECTION I. STADIUM W. Stadium Tours The NFL reserves the exclusive right to promote and conduct Stadium tours available to the general public during the Super Bowl Period. The Stadium and/or club should include the details of any similar fan tour programs currently in existence in the Bid response.
SP: "Hey, we are going to live in your house rent free for the week, and we are going to show it off to people like it's ours. Hey, can you let us know the best way to go about showing off your house?"
IV. TRANSPORTATION A. NFL Transportation Requirements 1. Minimum Vehicle Availability The Host Community must be able to provide a minimum of the following types of rental and for-hire vehicles: a. Buses (750) b. Limousines (500) c. Taxis (1,000) d. Rental cars (10,000)
SP: Pretty funny that a city is going to commit to X amount of cabs for a Super Bowl in 2018, when Uber will have swallowed all the cab companies whole.

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That's really funny! I am working in Minneapolis web design firm...Therefore, I have seen the same thing before in Minneapolis, MN.

These owners do not know the meaning of the word shame. They need to rename their organization The National Freeloaders League. All this free stuff and they cannot afford to pay the cheerleaders the minimum wage? Disgraceful. And this includes you Bob McNair, you cheapskate.

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