Super Bowl Bid Document Shows How Much Houston Had to Promise to Get Super Bowl LI

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Now, some of the more poignant sections in the RFP, with my comments:

SECTION I. STADIUM A. Stadium Configuration 5. Climate Control. The NFL requires a climate-controlled domed Stadium if the historical average daily temperature over a 10-year period in the Host Community on the week of the Game is below 50 degrees.
SP: Clearly, a clause that was added after New York City got their Super Bowl. Also, clearly San Antonio will never be bidding on a Super Bowl, what with their indoor arenas all hovering in the mid-90's temperature-wise.
SECTION I. STADIUM A. Stadium Configuration 6. Stadium Field Condition. The NFL requires that a natural grass field must be re-sodded for the Super Bowl at no cost to the NFL.
SP: We will just call this the "Reliant Stadium Turf Monster" Rule and leave it at that.
SECTION I. STADIUM A. Stadium Configuration 7. Electrical Output. The NFL requires the Stadium be equipped to provide at least 6,000 kVA electrical loads within the stadium and 5,200 kV A electrical loads on the site premises.
SP: We will just call this the "Superdome Electrical System" Rule and leave it at that.
SECTION I. STADIUM B. Stadium Operations 1. Definition of Key Dates c. Lockdown Period: The period when the Stadium is under security lockdown, anticipated to be ninety-six (96) hours prior to kickoff.
SP: Under security lockdown...except if you act like you know what you're doing, and just stroll into the bowels of the stadium, right New Orleans?

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That's really funny! I am working in Minneapolis web design firm...Therefore, I have seen the same thing before in Minneapolis, MN.

These owners do not know the meaning of the word shame. They need to rename their organization The National Freeloaders League. All this free stuff and they cannot afford to pay the cheerleaders the minimum wage? Disgraceful. And this includes you Bob McNair, you cheapskate.

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