Our Little Car Chase Is All Grown Up: Five Observations About O.J. Simpson Chase Turning 20

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Where were you during the great LA White Bronco chase?
The beginning of the Age of Twitter is generally believed to have begun sometime around mid-2009. Yes, some early adopters have been on Twitter longer than that, but as an accoutrement to our sports watching and as our first feed for breaking news, 2009 seems to feel about right.

So for anything that's occurred prior to 2009, we often hear the question "What event that took place before the advent of social media would've 'broken Twitter'?"

(NOTE: I generally am not a huge fan of the phrases "broke the internet" or "broke Twitter," as they're a little overused. That said, what's funny about "breaking Twitter" is that certain events the last few years actually have broken Twitter. Twitter is still a little shaky.)

Your answer to that question is usually a reflection of the age during which you were in your halcyon years, which for most guys is the 18 thru 28 age range. ("Halcyon years" being defined as the time in your life where you had the best overall stress-to-income-to-fun three way ratio working.)

People in their 70's will answer the Kennedy assassination, people in their 60's will answer man walking on the moon, people in their 50's may answer John Lennon's murder, and people in their 30's would probably say the 9/11 attacks.

For my "halcyon year grouping," dudes in their 40's, the answer seems to oftentimes be "the O.J. chase." For me and a lot of my friends that was the first "Remember where you were?" moment of our adult lives.

Well, the years certainly go by fast.

One moment you're huddled around a portable television in an office with a bunch of sloppy coworkers. Next thing you know, two decades, a few mortgages, a few kids, and a divorce later, you look up and your little car chase is all grown up!

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Its hard to believe 20 years have passed since the OJ car chase.

All eyeballs were glued to the TV.

I still believe that the events of 9/11 would have collapsed the twitter infrastructure as they did the twin towers.

It was a surreal moment sitting in Atlanta traffic on I85.

No one was moving.

Everyone was listening the the news reports and looking to their left and right to the car next to them hoping for some comfort or answers to what was happening.

Yup, 9/11.

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FattyFatBastard topcommenter

Nah, as someone who is in his 40's, my first thought was the Challenger Explosion.  I stand by that.

(And FYI, the TV didn't go to a split screen for a full 5 minutes...  It just interrupted the game to show the stupid car chase, which lead to the bar I was in (Marquis II) to go into pandemonium.) 

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