Never Forget, LeBron: Zapruder Analysis of Dan Gilbert's Irate 2010 Letter

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That decision that rocked LeBron's NBA world. Is part two coming?
So LeBron James is unofficially officially going to be a free agent come July 1, according to his agent, Rich Paul.

If history is any indicator, this means that LeBron is ready to embark on a series of sales pitches, looking to be wowed, trying to find the next place to continue to build his resume and continue his chase of Michael Jordan. Back in 2010, LeBron was on many a radar, wound up meeting with six teams (Miami, Cleveland, Chicago, Los Angeles Clippers, New York, and New Jersey), and ultimately chose to "take his talents to South Beach."

This time around, if LeBron winds up playing footsies with teams, the list will look similar to 2010's, with the main changes being the likely elimination of the two New York area teams and the addition of your Houston Rockets.

Yes, the Rockets are firmly in the LeBron conversation. It's amazing what four years and the addition of two All-Stars can do.

While being "in the mix" is fun, the Rockets are generally considered a long shot to land James' services (+1000, according to The Heat are still prohibitive favorites to keep James, at least for one more season, with odds at -600.

(For the record, my prediction is that James ultimately inks a deal with Miami that allows him to opt out again this time next year. No chance he locks in for multiple years in a scenario where Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh are the two next best players. One more year in Miami gives Pat Riley a chance to re-tool the supporting cast.)

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