Motorcyclist Crashes Into Moving Car, Lands on His Feet, Walks Away (VIDEO)

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The luck of some god was shining on this dude.
When I was a senior in high school, I was bragging in study hall one day to a girl next to me that I'd never broken a bone in my whole life. I have no idea why I was touting that to her. I mean, I was boasting to a young female about something that essentially amounted to an 18-year run of luck.

Sadly, a lack of snapped bones was one of my few selling points to members of the opposite sex back then, along with my clean driving record and my ability to recite the entire 1986 Hartford Whalers roster -- that was my repertoire. Really, it's amazing I got so little tail, isn't it?

Anyway, mere hours after bragging to the lovely young vixen about my sturdy bones, while playing sandlot football with some buddies, it happened. SNAP! Broken clavicle, clean through.

I bring this up because I hope that I don't similarly jinx myself with this next sentence -- in my 45 years on earth, I've never really had a near death experience.

There, I said it.

In my 45 years, the closest I've come to meeting St. Peter (or the Grim Reaper, since I suppose the afterlife's evaluation of my earthly body of work shouldn't be assumed) is a tumble over my handlebars in fifth grade, a pancreas issue in 2009 and a contemplation of suicide while watching Vanilla Sky in the theater.

So if it were me that had a lunch date with my maker cancelled at the last second, like the dude in the video below, I don't quite know how I would process something like that.

This miracle took place at an intersection in Clearwater, Florida, which is somewhat ironic. You know, a Florida story having a happy ending. If someone told me that a 22-year-old motorcyclist ran into an oncoming car in an intersection in Florida, I would've assumed the story ended with the driver of the car being naked and tricked out on meth while the motorcyclist was launched 20 feet in the air and electrocuted after hitting some electrical wires.

But alas, here is what happened....

Um, holy shit, right?

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great article. He had an angel on this shoulder 


"After all, in the game of life, that dude is now playing with house money for the next 50 years."

well put, Sean.

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