Houston Traffic Sucks But Isn't the Worst, Study Finds

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We reported earlier this week on the Greater Houston Partnership's desire to make Houston seem cool. Marketing campaigns might be able to do a lot, but they can't change the reality of Houston traffic: There's tons of it.

Navigation systems manufacturer Tomtom released its Americas Traffic Index June 4. According to the report, Houston was No. 23 in the Americas in terms of congestion, and No. 16 in the United States, per data from 2013.

The report also says that, on average, a Houston resident with a 30-minute commute is delayed a total of 78 hours each year. So if it feels like you're spending days on end in your car, you kind of are.

Rio de Janiero topped the list of all cities in the Americas, earning the honor of most congested. On average, a person with a 30-minute commute there spends 114 hours delayed in traffic per year.

Los Angeles was the most congested among American cities, ranking fourth in the Americas. Other California cities, San Francisco and San Jose, also cracked the top 10.

Austin, Dallas-Fort Worth and San Antonio were all less congested than Houston. Austin was No. 23, DFW ranked No. 39 and San Antonio was No. 43.

So if there is one positive to take away from this, Houstonians-- try to live closer to work, kill your commute.

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Marisa Baggett
Marisa Baggett

Still don't like to think of my baby driving around in Houston.


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