@HiddenCash Copycat Pops Up in Texas

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We hope someone starts slapping greenbacks down around here. For now, the @HiddenCash meme is in San Antonio.

The viral Twitter account @HiddenCash, started by a purported rich real-estate developer in San Francisco, has spawned an offshoot in Texas.

@HiddenCashTexas, followed by more than 5,000 accounts, joined Twitter May 29, and has since made clear in tweets that cash drops will only be made in the Alamo City.

The original @HiddenCash philanthropist started giving away money, normally $60-$200, in late May. The Twitter account's bio describes the cash drop-offs as "an anonymous social experiment for good." As such, @HiddenCash tweeted yesterday that it'd give away cash to the first ten people who "tweet a photo of them doing something nice for someone." The account retweeted pictures of people donating toys, giving blood and training a nun in a gym (seriously).

@HiddenCash, which has over 440,000 followers on Twitter, tweeted June 2 it had no problem with copycat accounts.

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texmex01 topcommenter

Hahahaha, what a great scam, "I am giving money away, and please donate money for me to give away", brilliant!

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