Hair Balls Viral Video Box Set, Father's Day Weekend Edition

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A perfect Father's Day gift.
I hope all of you fathers out there had a great Father's Day. I hope you got everything that you expected, which I know for many of you was a few peaceful hours on the couch to fall asleep to the U.S. Open (and this year's Open was quite conducive to catching a few winks).

If you're one of those dads where your kids get you actual presents, hey, that's pretty cool, too. With my kids, it's hit or miss, and I'm totally cool with that. Some years I get stuff, and other years, I don't, but I always get a few kind words, and that's all I want.

This year, I got a little bit of both.

My 16 year old daughter gave me a card that she wrote entirely herself, was incredibly humbling and may have made the room a little dusty. A few kind words requirement, fulfilled. Meanwhile, my two sons knocked the "tangible gift" category out of the park with this....

Top that! You can't! My sons just completely recalibrated the "satisfaction per dollar" scale with a $10 Father's Day gift that I might wear every day for a month. Just awesome. My kids are the best.

Ok, time to start wasting time. Let's go....

Mark Schlereth's Son Surprises Him On Father's Day (6/15/14)
Ok, I'll admit I'm kind of a sucker for this sort of thing. On Father's Day Sunday, former NFL offensive lineman now turned ESPN talking head Mark Schlereth drew short straw and had to put in some reps on camera on the various Sunday shows on Father's Day. Hey, it happens in the TV business, and Schlereth is pretty well compensated, so whatever. But ESPN still managed to let Schlereth have a special Father's Day moment when his son, a minor league pitcher for the Indianapolis Indians, surprised him in segment for an impromptu Father's Day interview....

Genuine emotion, pretty cool. A much better ESPN moment than....

Bill Simmons' Bad Ten Seconds (6/12/14)
On a studio show like ESPN's NBA show, the person ins Sage Steele's role really has one primary function -- steer the show and dole out the minutes in order to make everyone else look good. So when one of the three analysts that she's dishing to openly on-air complains that he hasn't spoken in the minutes, then he's basically telling Steele and the country that she is doing a VERY shitty job (in his opinion)...

Remember this clip the next time Simmons complains about an NBA player being a bad teammate.

Croatian Soccer Fan Kisses Brazilian Reporter On Live TV (6/13/14)
Ok, a couple live television hits that have nothing to do with soccer, coming live from the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. First, how about a Croatian soccer fan walking up and kissing this reporter like he's in a brothel in Tijuana....

Nothing like doing something on television that is technically considered assault in many countries. Ballsy. I'm not sure who came away feeling worse, that poor Brazilian lady, or CNN Reporter Shasta Darlington, who got hit with tear gas on live television....

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