Game Show Follies: Jeopardy Contestants Have No Clue on the Big Ten

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Ah, Jeopardy hijinks.
Of all the sports "things" that are set to debut this fall (a list that includes Jadeveon Clowney, the SEC Network, and A.J. McCarron trying to shoo his Bengal teammates away from his wife), perhaps the one I'm most excited about is Dan Patrick's new Sports Jeopardy show, which is set to debut on Crackle sometime this fall.

(Okay, that's a lie. I am definitely most excited to see Vontaze Burfict wind up with Katherine Webb, but Patrick's show should still be good.)

For those who don't know, Crackle is a Sony-owned digital service available on mobile devices and services such as PlayStation, Xbox, Apple TV and Roku. Until now, its best known programming is probably Jerry Seinfeld's short comedy series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

Patrick's show should be a nice home for wayward souls who are pretty intelligent with razor-sharp retention skills but who only use their powers for sports-related data. (I am raising my hand as I type this.)

It should also be devoid of moments like this one from a recent episode of the original Jeopardy.

The category is "Solve for X" and the answer (remember, in Jeopardy, they get really cute and you have to guess the question, because it makes the game smarter or something) was:

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FattyFatBastard topcommenter

Speaking of game shows, I have to get on you about an article you wrote in the past about Jeopardy being one of the game shows for smart people and Tic Tac Dough being one that any idiot could do well on.  The correct answer for the idiot show would be "Deal or No Deal" as those contestants literally just pointed at random boxes. "Um, is it that one?  Um, how about that one?"  Tic Tac Dough was actually very similar to Jeopardy as far as smart game shows went.

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