Free Hotline for Houston Area If You're Feeling Sick and Don't Know What to Do

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A nursing hotline for the Houston area gives out general nursing help, for free.
We've only known of nurse help lines as part of a fancy insurance plan. But did you know that thanks to the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, there's a free non-emergency you can call?

It's basically an advice and evaluation hotline staffed 24 hours a day, all week. "The Nurse Health Line features bilingual staff and language interpreters who are a valuable source of reliable and caring health information, education, and support," according to a statement about the hotline. The program is also supported by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

We figure that if you wake up some night with hot sweats, your stomach bubbling and you know you didn't have seafood during the day, this might be a good number to call to get sorted.

A notice about the program claims the line can help you evaluate diseases, deal with a sick baby, manage and understand a medical condition, and "avoid sitting for hours in the emergency room". We really like that last one.

You can call the line anytime-- really, like any time they say--- at 713-338-7979.

Of course, the line isn't for emergencies or anything life threatening. Those calls still go to 911.

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