Five Unfortunate Professional Athlete Names

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L.J. Hoes is back with the Astros after being called up from AAA Oklahoma City, and this time he has a fun new jersey number. We wrote last week about how the outfielder's name made for a popular T-shirt.

Hoes's move back to the majors got us thinking about what other professional athletes have unfortunate names.

With that in mind, here's a list of professional athletes with funny -- and totally sexual -- names:

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5. Rusty Kuntz
Kuntz was never a star in MLB. He played six seasons for the Chicago White Sox, the Minnesota Twins and the Detroit Tigers. With the Tigers, Kuntz batted in the deciding run in the final game of the 1984 World Series. Kuntz is a champion!

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Chris Dupla
Chris Dupla

There was a college basketball player named Ivana Mandic a few ago..


What about NASCAR veteran Dick Trickle?


how could you forget MLB pitcher & pitching coach Dick Pole?

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