Five Things You May Not Know About 45-Year-Old IAH

Photo by Alan Cordova

Time flies, doesn't it? This weekend, George Bush Intercontinental Airport celebrated its 45th birthday. It's an international hub for the Bayou City, bringing people from around the world to Houston (sometimes for things other than tourism, we imagine).

In honor of the airport named after the 41st president, here are five things you may not know about the place with the airport code IAH:

5. Charlotte and Phoenix see more domestic travelers than IAH.
You'd think having the fourth-largest metro population in the United States would mean Houston's largest airport would see lots of domestic travelers pass through. Yes and no. According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, approximately 29 million domestic flyers passed through IAH -- good enough for 13th among major U.S. airports.

Photo by Arielle Nadel

4. Mickey Mouse cut the ribbon at the underground train opening in 1981.
According to the Houston Chronicle, three separate times, IAH built underground trains to connect terminals. The third time, Mickey Mouse cut the ribbon at the unveiling ceremony. (Happiest airport on Earth?)

3. The airport had eight different opening dates.
Projects get delayed, IAH included. The airport finally opened June 1, 1969, with its first flight a week later.

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