Fantasy Crime League Tease: Dallas PD Mistakenly Tweets Aqib Talib Arrested (Turns out to Be Talib's Brother)

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A crime-league miss.
We are counting down now to the end of the 2014 Fantasy Crime season, as we are inside of one month now until actual NFL training camp officially begins. Conspicuous by their absence thus far in the crime season has been the Denver Broncos, who have historically been one of the more criminally active teams out there, from front office on down within their organization.

When the Broncos gave a big multi-year contract to former Tampa Bay Buccaneer and New England Patriot cornerback Aqib Talib in free agency, that certainly made the Broncos a more desirable selection in fantasy crime drafts around the country.

After all, there aren't many NFL players out there who would fire a gun at his sister's boyfriend, and even fewer that would do in tandem with his mom!

So when news broke Sunday morning that Talib had been arrested in Dallas, there were many Fantasy Crime League owners who sighed "Finally."

But as Lee Corso would say, "Not so fast, MY FRIEND!"

The Talib news initially was broken by someone in the Dallas Police Department named Maj. Max Geron, who tweeted quite proudly about the Dallas P.D.'s arrest of "Aqib Talib" on Sunday morning on charges of public intoxication.

The degree to which Geron was enthused about the arrest on Twitter was as bizarre as it was humorous, up to and including the hashtag of "#nfl" being included, as if Geron were trying to simultaneously convey news and improve his Klout score.

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