Five Reasons to Watch Atlanta Falcons on Hard Knocks

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Photo by Georgia National Guard
HBO show dives deep into the Falcons' preseason.
HBO's annual episodic, award-winning series Hard Knocks is one of the staples of the NFL preseason. Finding out which team will be the subject of the upcoming season is one of the more underrated NFL moments each June.

Honestly, with as many things as the NFL is televising and monetizing these days, I'm a little shocked that there hasn't been a 60-minute Hard Knocks unveiling show concocted by the brains up at the NFL Network, formatted like the NBA draft lottery, only the GM of the team that is unveiled at the end is ultra-concerned instead of a relative of Dan Gilbert ecstatic.

This year, there were eight teams who would have been, by rule, forced to say "Yes" if the league asked them to be the focus of the show.

However, forcing a team to comply was unnecessary, for we had one of the other 24 teams volunteer. Ladies and gentlemen, batten down the hatches and welcome in the ATLANTA FALCONS!!!


I said...the ATLANTA FALCONS!!!

///...Internet stares at me blankly...////

(tapping the microphone) this thing on? Ahem....the ATLANTA FALCONS!!!

You get my point.

Yeah, Atlanta isn't really the sexiest pick in the world, especially when teams like the Bears (Jay Cutler, monster heel!), Steelers (Mike Tomlin and possible Big Ben shenanigans!), Bills (Marcell Dareus graduates to meth!), Giants (Tom Coughlin eats a random special teamer to make an example of him!) and Raiders (I mean...c'mon...the Raiders!) were all available.

So what excitement, genuine and moderately fabricated, can we muster for a 4-12 team whose alleged franchise quarterback was fully healthy last season? Well, let's see:

1. The Falcons practice with the Texans for a few days!
On August 16, the two teams will meet at NRG Stadium in a preseason game, but prior to that, they will practice with each other for a few days leading up to the game. You know what that means? Yes, it means there will be fights; there always are when teams practice with each other. But it means that you might see me photo-bombing the Hard Knocks camera crew!!

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