Dear Sports Illustrated: Any Prediction as to When CSN Houston Will Get on Our TVs?

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The World Series is nice and everything, but damn it, I want to watch the games on TV.
The Houston Astros are on the cover of this week's Sports Illustrated. The photo's not a joke; neither is the story. The story goes into the radical rebuild of the club and the magazine makes the bold prediction that the Astros will win the 2017 World Series. And who knows, if the Astros really get lucky, that whole CSN Houston bankruptcy deal might actually be settled by then.

The parties returned to Judge Marvin Isgur's bankruptcy court Monday. The Astros argued to have the fraud suit they filed against Drayton McLane and Comcast returned to state court. McLane and Comcast wanted Isgur to keep the case in the Federal court system. There was no decision made, and the parties, as with most matters, were left hanging, waiting for somebody to come along and bail them all out.

And guess what, they're all returning to Isgur's courtroom next week to discuss the so-called reorganization plan. I'm pretty sure the Astros won't eagerly go along with anything offered up because Judge Lynn Hughes has yet to rule on the Astros' appeal of the order putting the network into bankruptcy. One would think that Hughes would've issued a ruling by now -- the appeal was filed back in March, he's heard arguments and had a couple of mediation sessions so he should be familiar with all the details, but then again, that's the thing about Federal district court judges; they'll slap you down should you miss a deadline, but they move to a clock that's got nothing to do with reality.

The bankruptcy plan won't be the only issue before Isgur next week. There's an entity known as enTouch Systems, Inc. that has requested the relief of the court. enTouch, believe it or not, is a small cable TV provider that was enough of a sucker to sign up to distribute CSN Houston when it hit the air. The company has decided it's not too happy with the deal it was suckered into -- company execs claim to be paying much, much more to distribute the network than Comcast is paying. The contract between the company and CSN Houston also supposedly contains a clause allowing enTouch to bail out of the network should it go into bankruptcy. The company has attempted to exercise this right, but CSN Houston has failed to comply with the contract.

"It's very difficult when a company like Comcast is playing on both sides of the fence and getting a highly discounted rate," J. Findley, president and CEO of enTouch, told the Chronicle. "It's not a level playing field."

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I've got CSN.  They used their closer in the 8th inning yesterday and Jerome Williams in the 9th.  Williams gave up a 3 run homer to lose the game.  The 'stros "batters" struck out 15 times.  If you don't get Astros games on television these days, believe me, you're not missing anything!


I fail to understand the rationale of the TV Providers.  How they can justify saying they want this to be an A La Carte option when FSSW was part of the package for all available providers for years. When the Astros and Rockets partnered with CSN Houston and left FSSW, it's not as if the providers reduced the cost for their customers. They continued on as if the product was still offered. It's disingenuous to say that they are not wanting customers to have to pay extra for something they don't want. This is about providers trying to correct a growing trend that will not be favorable for their future. 


@howlongtillfootball And yet, you're missing everything.. lol.. I've been an Astros fan since the late 70's, and some of my fondest memories are of the early 90's teams, with young studs Bagwell, Gonzales, Finley, Curt Shilling, Pete Harnish, mixed in with young veterans, like Darryl Kile, Ken Caminiti, and Craig Biggio.. That team lost 107 games, if I remember correctly?.. But, they eventually became a very good team, that contended for a decade.. 

Watching that process is glorious for real baseball fans.. I'm exited again..

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