Bud Selig Did More Than Screw the Astros, He Screwed All of MLB

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MLB lucky to survive Bud Selig's tenure
The light's went out in Oakland's O.com Coliseum Saturday night. The A's were hosting the Yankees and the action was delayed over 30 minutes while the lights in left field were returned to life. Problems with Oakland's park are nothing new. Locker rooms fill with sewage when there's a hard rain. The turf was unplayable earlier this season because of overnight rains.

The owners of the A's has been attempting to move his team down the road a few miles to San Jose, but the San Francisco Giants have blocked the move. Commissioner Bud Selig formed a commission to study the situation and to aid the A's. That was over five years ago. The conditions at Oakland have only deteriorated over that time while the bumbling Selig and his buddies have done little more than decry the conditions of the stadium and fight a lawsuit filed by San Jose against MLB for not approving the move.

This is supposedly Bud Selig's last season as MLB commissioner, and it is nearly half complete. As the end approaches, the media tributes from Selig's buddies will fill the airwaves and the print/internet. There'll be stories about the success of the MLB Network, and about the two decades of labor peace. There'll be bits about the great attendance numbers and the record amounts teams are receiving for media rights. He'll be known as the man who saved baseball from the evils of steroids, the commissioner who taught the players and owners to work with each other, the man who saved baseball.

But what is the real legacy of Bud Selig? Is he a savior, or is he a man who helped to force a shutdown of the sport, wiped out a World Series, then held on and rode the steroid-fueled home run surge return to popularity of the game? Is he steward of the game, or is he the man who helped to destroy the game in Montreal, and worked to scam taxpayers across the country, most specifically Florida? Is he a man who pushed through the relocation of the Montreal Expos to Washington over the vociferous objections of the Baltimore Orioles, or is the ineffectual dunce who is seemingly powerless to do anything that would help the A's?

Selig is universally hated by Astros fans for many reasons. Some real, some imagined. He forced the team to open the Minute Maid Park roof during the World Series. It was his desire for balanced leagues that led to Jim Crane's purchase of the Astros being made contingent upon the team's forced move from the National League Central to the American League West. And it can be argued that it was Selig/MLB's embrace of, then demonization, of the PED-fueled home run culture that is helping to lead to Astros' icons Jeff Bagwell and Craig Biggio still not being inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

But Selig's done harm to more than just the Astros. The A's are one of the biggest victims of Selig's rule, as are the baseball fans in Montreal -- to those who question the real baseball support in Montreal, read Jonah Keri's excellent new book on the history of the Expos. MLB helped Jeffrey Loria scam the taxpayers of Florida into building a new stadium they didn't want or need for the Marlins, only to see Loria strip the team of its valuable players.

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Hector Martinez Jr.
Hector Martinez Jr.

Screw you , Bud! You are and shall always be an idiot and an asshole! Good freaking riddance! And get a new wardrobe!


I've hated Selig since he was still "interim" commissioner after Faye Vincent got fired.  Has there ever been a time that he said something and you thought, "yup, Bud has this covered."  I cant think of a single one.  Plus as an Expos fan, I would like to inflict upon both him and Loria the pain of a thousand screams

Craig Dävis
Craig Dävis

Maybe when can get a commish that believes in fair scheduling and gets rid of the interleague gimmick.

H Newcomb
H Newcomb

Meanwhile I will sit here patiently waiting for the day the anticommissioner is gone, hoping his replacement will recognize that Houston is a National League town and will never acknowledge an American League "Astros" as a legitimate ML team.

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