2014 Summer Preview: What Will Sustain Us as a Sports Nation?

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1. 2014 World Cup
There are few events that are as much fun to watch out and about than the World Cup, especially in bars with fans of specific nationalities involved in the game. International soccer fans, when properly medicated, are a lot of fun. Bonus backdrop story for this year's World Cup? The confirmation of scandalous bribes made by Qatar officials to get the World Cup to their country in 2022. Bribery is a fun new wrinkle we haven't had the past few summers.

2. Hernandez murders
In theory, the only intrigue left in this one should be the trial, which won't get underway until after the summer sometime, but if we've learned anything about the Aaron Hernandez Experience, it's that people associated with him still mysteriously die even when he's in prison. Also, who knows how many other unsolved murders they now throw onto his ticket. "Anyone know who did this?" ... "Nah, just throw it on Hernandez's record..."

3. Summer of Johnny, Part II
Johnny Football is back! Hard partying, devil-may-care, HOLLYWOOD strolling, and now with some MONEY in his pocket! This could be one of those rare sequels that's better than the first episode.

4. Andre Watch
Andre Johnson promised he'd miss voluntary minicamp. Andre Johnson promised he'd miss OTA's. Andre Johnson promises he will miss mandatory sessions later this summer. Andre Johnson keeps his promises. Come back soon, Andre.

5. Donald Sterling
I have no idea if this story still has legs or not. Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has agreed to buy the Clippers for two billion dollars, the league has approved him, and yet Sterling is still suing everyone in sight, including the league for a billion dollars in punitive damages. I have no idea if Sterling has a case or if he is the equivalent of the homeless guy screaming on the median by himself. We'll see.

6. NBA free agency/hot stove
Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Love, Rajon Rondo, Deron Williams....these are the names to watch, Rocket fans.

And if none of these storylines produces any succulent drama, well dammit, we will always have pool dunks....

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Real men dont give a shit about your tmz paparazzi horsesh!t

Katie Murphy
Katie Murphy

So do you actually look at all the statistics for the Astros or do you just hear Astros and think "oh how can I bash them today?" They are doing better than they were at this point last season(21-38 vs 25 -34 [provided they keep the 5-0 lead they currently have] ), and are actually in the top 10 for a few good statics. Springer is the first rookie to hit 7 runs in 7 games since 1937. Altuve is constantly towards the top, if not at the top, in hits. They are 2nd in the league for runs scored resulting from home runs. I can keep going if your interested in actual facts, and not just mindless gibberish. Furthermore, are you even qualified to talk about soccer?

Marie Chen
Marie Chen

How about only the biggest sporting event in the world? If you're not sure what that is, Google "World Cup."


That's not very nice, Brian. But I appreciate you reading my man.

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