Sixteen Hard-to-Spell Words That Houstonians Know

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Words are tricky. Not everything is spelled phonetically. Unique spellings just add a special character to a place, in a way, these are our words. Sometimes, the only way to learn how to spell words is by seeing them often enough.

We decided to think up a list of things only Houstonians know how to spell. Below are 16 words that people who aren't from Houston might fumble over, but that Houstonians know by heart.

16. Kuykendahl
How many ways can this one get misspelled? Kerkandahl? Kirkendall?

15. Humble
The "h" might be silent in Humble, Texas, but don't forget about it.

14. Pappas
Another Houston family name that's grown big in the restaurant business. People pronounce it "Poppas" and "Papas," but it's spelled "Pappas."

13. Carrabba

Photo by Dome Poon

The Italian chain has Houston origins. There are now over 200 locations though, so maybe people all over the country know how to spell this one.

12. Z-Ro
No numerals needed when it comes to this Houston rap legend.

11. Hermann
When talking about Houston's 445-acre park, use two n's.

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Bobby Mcandrews
Bobby Mcandrews

uh, water-ver- it IS Waterburger, Dave just never bothered changing the signs, see the ORIGINAL plans had spicy ketchup covering part of the title... ;)

Bobby Mcandrews
Bobby Mcandrews

Mayde as in Mayde Creek is definitely NOT pronounced May-Dee, we're not pirates!! Say it like 'made'. Say it with me now...

Melanie Jaramillo Kennedy
Melanie Jaramillo Kennedy

A mumbler pronounces it Water Burger? Um... no almost everybody that is from here or near here that does!!! When I first moved to Houston I was like, "what the heck is a Water Burger?!" I drove by & saw the sign... I see now, people just can't pronounce it correctly!!!! It's my biggest pet peeve! Even the people on the commercials say WATER!!

Rachel Craddock
Rachel Craddock

Shout to Kellie Kuykendall #1 on tjr list & Goode's GREAT BBQ -- how about Natachees or the breakfast klub

Tyler Daniel
Tyler Daniel

This is the most superfluous article ever.

Jonathan Macbeth
Jonathan Macbeth

Pissing the girls off again I see Christopher

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