What's With All the Naked People Doing Crazy Stuff This Week?

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Screencap from KHOU
Think of it as a call for help, just don't stare.
It might be part of some pagan annual rite of spring or something like that, but this week there were three incidents that involved people doing naked stuff in public. While you should be able to let your bits hang in these balmy days leading up to the heat, we don't make the laws, and we have to admit, sometimes it's kind of disgusting.

Thursday a man drew a gaggle of onlookers when he took to the streets possessed possibly by the 1970s version of Michael Jackson (he looked more like 1980s Tito, though). Some good samaritans tackled him to the ground (ewwww, they touched him) and held him for the cops, according to reports.

Earlier in the day, a naked woman tried to steal a fire truck, according to KHOU.

According to HPD, firefighters were sent to the 7500 block of Clarewood after receiving a welfare check call about a woman who may have been mentally unstable at a bus stop around 9 a.m. At some point after they arrived, the woman tried to take off in the ladder truck. Firemen held the woman at the scene until police could take her into custody.

Setting off the whole "naked people in the news" thing this week, a Pearland man was hit with a disorderly conduct charge on Tuesday, reported KPRC. Police said David Michael Aulds was taking a midnight jog in the buff on a school track in Friendswood. It's uncertain if that was the only full moon that night.

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Tramane Browne
Tramane Browne

I swear I seen that guy before doing the same thing a few years ago at the same intersection. I called the cops but he was gone by the time they responded.

Supremely Unjust
Supremely Unjust

Our govt. needs to cover up it's naked corruption, including in Texas. I have heard that both David Dewhurst and Dan Patrick were informed about the TWC rubberstamping on a labor complaint against a Houston YMCA. If so, which is willing to do something about the crimes, which as I understand it include felony perjury to State labor officials. I've seen some of the documents, so this is no longer hearsay. One is Lt. Gov. already, and one is a TX State Senator, so it seems that either have opportunity to right what looks like a terrible wrong. If neither is, why should Texas trust either will do any better if elected or reelected? If you want to see proof this is real, there is some on http://stillsupremelyunjust.yolasite.com. An older man is living in a tent while they boast & peddle for votes. Is this why people claim the GOP only represents big employers & the rich? Links on the site show another with even more evidence, and that same site shows a page with documents of sworn testimony to the DOJ: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vlq6V2jl9w0. Does Texas really need the DOJ to come in and make sure there's no cronyism in Austin? I should not even have to say this, as at least one of the two claims to be an upstanding Christian man. Nice, fine example of that if nobody cares, LMAO. Don't worry, my site doesn't mind shoving truth in the face of Democrats, either. This is simply about right & wrong and who has enough guts to do what's right for America & for Texas, in this case. Btw, the EEOC under Obama also seems to have rubberstamped the case without any investigation. This is not what America needs in leadership & govt.

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