Highlight Reels and Twitter Handles for All 10 Houston Texans Draft Picks

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Jump on the Twitter lurking train for this year's new crop of Texans.
For the Texans, the road back from 2-14 began this weekend.

Truth be told, it began back on New Year's Eve with the decision to hire Bill O'Brien as the new head coach, effectively giving this team an infusion of tough-mindedness and effectively suturing the aftereffects of the Kubi-ectomy that the team had undergone back on December 6 with the firing of Gary Kubiak.

On that fateful early December, out the door went predictability, blandness and the phrase "that's on me, John." In came phrases like "multiple," "game plan offense," and "competition up and down the roster."

Enough was enough, and it was time for a change. Now comes the first draft class of the O'Brien Era, and I am all about customer service. So without further ado, here is the primer, everything you need to familiarize yourself with the Texans' 2014 rookie class -- highlight reels, Twitter handles, and links to college bios and Rivals rankings.

Without further ado, your 2014 Houston Texan rookies...

JADEVEON CLOWNEY, DE/OLB, South Carolina (1st round, 1st overall selection)
Twitter: @clwonejd
Rivals Ranking (National/Position): 1/1 (5-star, DE, 2011)

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