This Can't Be True About Our Drinking Water, But It Is

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Photo by Doug Waldron
Yes, we'll have to start a water club to avoid the toilet liquid.
So, according to an article in the Texas Tribune, we're drinking Dallas's toilet water. Maybe not literally, but no doubt the folks up north are grinning from ear to ear on that one.

The story comes in a piece about Wichita Falls dealing with drought and a move to turn treated sewer water into tap water. Water reuse studies in our drought-plagued state have been in constant motion for years.

Nearly ten years ago, the state water board did a survey called "Ship Channel Wastewater Reclamation and Reuse Feasibility Study." How about some oil in your water?

But the whole thing about drinking water that originated from someone else's toilet isn't new, as the Tribune notes:

"...The large chunk of population that lives downstream from a big city and whose water supply flows through a river, more than a few drops of the water in their glasses was probably once in someone else's toilet."

We made a call to the Texas Water Board and are waiting to hear back about how much shit per glass we're actually ingesting. Stay tuned.

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Jason Folsom
Jason Folsom

Yeah, but it looks like your water was part of my urine, lol.

Josh Webster
Josh Webster

Grow up, all the drinking water is treated. Every drop of fresh water on earth was part of some creature's urine at this point.

Jim Rassinier
Jim Rassinier

I know how I feel about the article: Under researched.

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