Rachel Brown Accuses Her Attorneys of Ripping Her off

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The defendants haven't filed responses yet, and Moffett and David Brown did not respond to requests for comment. Hoffman declined to comment.

Rachel Brown's attorneys in this case, Jimmy Williamson and Cyndi Rusnak, did not respond to a question about why their client is only now accusing the defendants of malpractice.

Michael Brown had lived in Florida for at least two years at the time of his death on November 7, 2013. Miami Beach police said the ex-surgeon attempted suicide at his home October 24. He remained in a coma until he was taken off life support.

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Lawyers fucking over their clients?! No way.


I like the one about releasing him from jail for a small sum, rather than pressing for a settlement -- yeah, she said, "Let him rot until he pays!" I promise she said that.

gossamersixteen topcommenter

Oh poor gold digger, dumb enough to marry a total ass clown abuser.

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