More Talk on Transgender People and Bathrooms as Council Pushes Back Vote

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In many ways, what the ordinance would do is add another layer of protection to this whole bathroom/public shower deal. Even though the transgender population in the city is only 2 percent, according to District D Councilman Dwight Boykins (another opponent of the proposal's section on gender and bathrooms), there are members of that group who deal with a lot just to take a pee, as the website goes on to explain:

It should be noted that if you are not yet being read as male on a regular basis, and/or if you are not feeling confident or safe about using the men's room in any situation, it may be best to find another bathroom arrangement. Most men's restrooms are not dangerous places, but in some circumstances, it may be wise to avoid potential trouble. If you are experiencing such issues around restroom use, you may want to seek out a single-stall bathroom when possible, or wait for either the men's or the women's room to empty out (whichever is safer and more appropriate for the situation), use the facilities quickly, and move on. In many situations, using the men's room will be perfectly safe-- it just pays to use caution when necessary.

"I don't think the transgender situation was vetted properly," Boykins told us. "When this thing came out, the notion of change came from creating an ordinance that would allow same-sex couples the same rights, but then somehow the transgender part got thrown in front of it. It's unfair to the transgender community to get thrown around like that for politics," he said. He added that people in the community were worried about pedophiles taking advantage of an open-bathroom policy and "causing problems."

Boykins stressed that more input from local community groups was needed and that his prime objective in the matter was to end discrimination.

"A lot of people in my community are really feeling hurt by what happened today," Monica Roberts of the Black Trans Woman Network told KPRC. "It really offends me that the haters won today."

The next chance for the council to vote on the equal rights proposal is May 28.

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whateveryousay topcommenter

Just make bathrooms unisex and be done with it.  

If some dude believes he is a woman then let him be.  Same goes for the ladies.  

I know a transexual and she is alright.  That person is great to my mom and that's what counts.  She even changed the mind of my dad.  My ex-military, retired automotive worker, born in 1936, catholic, republican dad. 

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