Oil Tech Conference Reportedly Boosts Local Sex Industry

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Photo by Robin Olson
Big Oil conference may mean more support for the "pole tax."
Of course you already know about the energy boom that's generated so much for Houston, but what about the booty boom?

This week the Comic Con of the oil and gas industry, the Offshore Technology Conference, comes to town and with it there's an alleged bump in business for pimps and prostitutes, as well as our world-renowned strip-club industry. Blame all those horny business executives from around the world.

"Anytime you have a large event like the OTC that draws in tens of thousands of people, sex trafficking increases," Julie Waters of the Free the Captives anti-human-trafficking group told KPRC.

The news station took to scouring Craigslist for ads offering "disease-free" fun. They found more than a handful of booty call ads aimed at the 100,000 or so folks who will be attending the 45th conference.
When we searched around Craigslist, mostly what we found were limo ads offering $80-an-hour rides for convention participants, but maybe that was a cover.

"There are people who tour around the country, following the big conferences, offering these kind of services. There is no doubt," Mark Stephens, 1991 Houston Police Officer of the Year, who is now retired, told KPRC.

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Matt Li
Matt Li

you guys post this every year

Jason Allison
Jason Allison

What do you expect? These two are neck and neck for the oldest profession award.


Who cares about consensual sex between adults? Even if it's a sex for money transaction? Not me. Trafficking is another matter, but it's one that's very much exaggerated. Mostly this stuff is just a transactional relationship between customer who wants some fun and a lady who wants some money.


@Kelsey I would absolutely love to read your well sourced, expert report on how "exaggerated "sex trafficking in this city is. Please, I'll wait while you provide and link your findings.

By the way, that was sarcasm. Not all "ladies" in said exchanges are willing participants.

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