NFL Draft 2014: 4 Winners, 4 Losers

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2. Perverts in Cincinnati
The football gods are funny. Ask any college football fan (or Brent Musberger) who the hottest college football player's girlfriend is and they'll say Katherine Webb (girlfriend of Alabama QB A.J. McCarron). Ask any college football fan who the hottest college football player's mom is and they'll probably say Dee Dee Bonner (mother of McCarron, although Taylor Lewan's mom is coming up fast on the outside. Wowee! Go BLUE!) So naturally, McCarron got drafted by the one city in the NFL whose constituents most closely resemble the cantina scene in Episode IV of Star Wars -- Cincinnati. Bad enough that pervs in whatever city McCarron went to would be waiting pants-less at the city limits for Webb and Bonner to arrive, but now the mob awaiting them are essentially slightly more evolved Kentuckians. THE HORROR!

1. Michael Sam, marketing mogul
With about eight picks to go in the entire draft, Missouri defensive end Michael Sam was selected by the St. Louis Rams, making him the first openly gay player on an NFL roster. In the increasingly diverse world in which we live, this was a watershed moment, one that hopefully will become less and less of a "big deal" with subsequent players of different sexual orientations. Paving the way is never easy, and the road won't be for Sam, but there are silver linings. The first gay player in NFL history will (I'm guessing) be approached with numerous marketing and sponsorship opportunities, not only with products and companies that are popular in the gay community, but with companies who see Sam as generally courageous and inspirational. And if jersey sales are any indicator, the store for Sam is most definitely open....

Unfortunately, there's still this....

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McClain's act has grown beyond tiresome at this juncture. His inaccuracies RE: football (and movies, for that matter) come with such regularity I've stopped keeping track. Worth noting however; what he did to the sports page in this skit is exactly what the internet has been doing to print for 15-20 years now. 

So there's that....


 The automatic blasting of the video at full volume.  Not cool.  And I will not, under any circumstances, be watching "Fed Up".

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