Media Members, Former Players, Bloggers All Weigh in on Texans' First Overall Pick

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Houston's first pick is the talk of the town.
Texans fans, NFL Draft fans, it's almost here, I promise....

Being almost 30 years removed from my childhood, I don't recall all that well what it was like to be sitting in the back seat of the car on a long trip, wondering when the hell we would arrive at our destination. I now live it through my three kids (who, sadly, won't be kids much longer).

When they begin to get antsy, openly inquiring again and again and AGAIN how long it will take before we "get there" (wherever "there" may be), I've had very little empathy.

And then came the 2014 NFL Draft, and this tediously infuriating extra two weeks of build-up. The usual hype, lies and games of stooge chess have been extended by two more weeks, and it makes me want to put my foot through a wall. (Teddy Bridgewater's skinny knees were the final straw.)

So now I know how my kids feel. So, sorry kids. Daddy didn't mean to ignore you the way Uncle Goodell is ignoring all of us.

So let's get the final three days of overanalysis started, shall we?

Every diehard Texans fan knows Stephanie Stradley, the "Texans Chick" (her actual moniker, not me being passively misogynistic) who does a fantastic job of breaking down all things Texans in an analytical, yet very fan-friendly way over on the Houston Chronicle's website.

Well, she recently sent out a request to several folks in the media, in the Texans fan-o-sphere, and even some former Texans players to respond to a simple question -- "Who do you think the Texans should take with the first pick in the draft, and why?"

My answer to Steph's request is below, and after that is the embedded string with everyone's reply. Interesting, and at times (depending on whose "side" you're on -- Team Johnny, Team Clowney, the ever-shrinking Team Bortles) infuriating. Hey, that's what it's all about.

Here we go....first, me....

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Jorge Sosa
Jorge Sosa

Dont plan on it either unless the owner steps in and does it himself. ...

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