Kid at Rangers Game Pulls Smoothest Foul Ball Trick Ever (VIDEO)

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It's the most devious, next-level-baseball sleight of hand. That youngster is trying to have his cake and eat it, too! Notice (and unless you're the unassuming female sitting behind the adolescent Casanova, it's fairly easy to notice), the third base coach flips the ball to society's nemesis, at which point he deftly hands over some sort of gift-shop-purchased generic ball (presumably) to the gal twice his age behind him while keeping the game-used (and presumably more valuable) ball for himself!

Subsequently, he gets a hearty chuckle, a hand-over-chest swoon and by the end of the night, probably the phone number, email address and Twitter handle of the young lady and her friends. Dude is that damn good.

Future wingman to that kid? Best job ever.

Hell, Kid Smooth is even hanging out watching the game with pink sunglasses on his head. The dude is one big walking heat check!

So again, parents of teenage girls in the Dallas-Fort Worth area (and while we're at it, let's just go ahead, for safety's sake, and expand it to females ages 10-45 and "the entire state of Texas"), you've been warned.

Do not, repeat, DO NOT, fall for this kid's hidden ball trick.

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wow, you actually posted something without sucking Manziel's cock in the process. amazing

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