Kid at Rangers Game Pulls Smoothest Foul Ball Trick Ever (VIDEO)

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Kid's got game.
Like many of you reading this, I have a teenage daughter.

She's 16, so she's slowly gaining wisdom, and is slightly cagier than in her junior high years, when life basically kicks you into the deep end of the emotional swimming pool and says, "Here ya' go," so I'm not as concerned as I may have been a few years ago that she will be the victim of a duplicitous stunt by a member of the opposite sex.

Still, for those of you whose daughters are still around pre-driving age, maybe even getting ready to head to middle school next year, I feel for you.

So let this Monday morning post serve as a warning, a public service announcement of sorts, especially for those of you reading in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area -- if you see the kid in the video below talking to or hanging out with your daughter, parent accordingly!!

Setting the scene, this video comes from Saturday night's Blue Jays-Rangers game in Arlington. Watch as an innocent foul ball tossed to a young lad in the front row turns into a potential gateway of untold female riches....

You see what he did there? I repeat, you see what he did there???

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wow, you actually posted something without sucking Manziel's cock in the process. amazing

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