Game Show Follies: Family Feud Contestant in Epic Fast Money Round Failure

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Remember, winning isn't the only thing. It's how you play the game show.
Apparently, other game shows were getting tired of Wheel of Fortune getting all the attention in the dumb-ass community.

For here comes Family Feud.

In an NFL game, you never celebrate until the final gun has sounded. In baseball, you never celebrate until you've recorded the final out. In professional wrestling, you never celebrate until you've signed your extension with WWE and you know Vince McMahon isn't going to screw you.

And on the Feud, you never celebrate victory in the Fast Money round until you see the score tick to 200 or greater.

This family learned that the hard way...

Holy shit, right? Let's Zapruder this thing so that we've appropriately chronicled this historic failure....

0:01 -- Tim is batting leadoff in this two-person Feud tag team, and for brevity's sake, here are the five questions, followed by Tim's answer and score in parentheses:

1. On a scale of 1 to 10, what chance do you have of dating a girl who's a 10? TIM: FIVE (31)

2. Name a place where people keep checking their watch.

3. Name a noisy insect.

4. Name something a person's belly does.

5. Fill in the blank: A married couple might be deeply in [what]?
TIM: LOVE (53)

182 points! And we get a fantastic white-guy, two-inch-vertical-leap celebration to go with it! Bonus! Oh, and before we get to the hot tag over to Anna, a couple of quick Zapruder tangents at the 0:32 and 0:41 -- what's up with the reactions of the sister/wife/whatever-she-is in the pink dress? With every home-run answer Tim gave, she looked more and more like she was being saved by a televangelist. I think when the 42 for "GROWLS" came up, she started to cry!

Well, Anna will take care of this....

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Pablo Delgado
Pablo Delgado

Usman Siddiqui Phuong Fung Pham we missed this!

Jeff Kolman
Jeff Kolman

Hey, damn it, I completely missed the art car parade. There was no mention of it on the Facebook newsfeeds from The Art Car Museum's page, The Orange Show's page, or The Houston Press's page. What's the point in following you on Facebook if you won't announce the largest art event of the year? I'm flipping through this week's Press, & yesterday's Chronicle, & I see nothing. Lame. How am I supposed to keep on top of major events in this city if nobody talks about 'em?

Optimo Ram
Optimo Ram

I was watching that Hambone Nelson

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