Gambling! Ranking Every NFL Head Coach Since 1978 Against the Spread

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It's the gambling face.
In a perfect world, as relates to sports, our emotions should probably be driven by primal reactions -- love, hate, winning, losing. Geography certainly plays a role. My hometown team is playing its archrival, I should want them to win because they're my team.

It should all be very simple and basic.

However, the world is not perfect. The world is harsh. The world is material. And money, dammit, money matters. So sometimes sports is about money, it's about investing, and the emotion behind whom we root for is not driven by the color on the jersey, but instead by green.

As Bobby "The Brain" Heenan would say, the lettuce.

And that's why the list I'm about to share with you is probably the most accurate depiction of my "favorite head coaches in NFL history" ranking.

The good folks at Football Perspective took the time to go back and compile a list of every NFL head coach since 1978 and his performance against the spread. Holy kudos, Batman!

To a gambler, this list is the sweet nectar, and probably feels like it should be brought down from a mountain somewhere (probably near Las Vegas) on stone tablets by a man with a long beard. (The skies opening up and the sun beaming down would be a nice touch as well. Also, a choir wailing in the background.) I mean, if you're wondering who the favorite coaches are for degenerates, this is the list.

Truth be told, there are multiple ways you could rank "performance against the spread." You could do it as a winning percentage, or you could factor in longevity. (And again, the nice thing about the list that Football Perspective compiled is the list can be interactively shuffled to reflect those criteria.) For our purposes, the list below boils down to merely "What is the net number of wins ATS that a coach has compiled in his career?"

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