Fantasy Crime League Update: Josh Morgan Gets the Chicago Bears on the Board

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Aldon Smith might get a pass on this one.
Before we get to the latest news for the NFL Police Blotter, and thus the latest score in my NFL Fantasy Crime League, we have a small bit of housecleaning.

This is why you need to stay up to speed on ALL crimes, not just current ones, but developments with past crimes, because apparently the judges have gone back and reviewed Aldon Smith's bomb threat at LAX from a couple weeks and have downgraded it from a felony to a misdemeanor.

Yes, this has ramifications for Aldon Smith personally, positive ones, as he is already staring at conviction for other potentially felonious acts. But this also has FCL scoring ramifications!


So the overall scoreboard has been changed below to reflect the downgrade, taking the Niners from a league-leading 10 points down to a still-league-leading 8 points. (Chris Culliver is like 2014 Regular Season Peyton in this league, by the way.) The Niners' lead is still comfortable, especially considering there are still Colin Kaepernick shenanigans to be sorted out.

So if you have San Francisco, feel comfortable. It would literally take a murder (10 points!) to derail your season, and when was the last time we saw an NFL player murder somebody? Oh...wait....

Okay, one with the latest crime Josh Morgan!

Morgan is a wide receiver who's been in the league for six years, most recently last season with the Washington Redskins, who opted to part ways with him during the offseason. So on April 21, Morgan signed a one-year deal with the Chicago Bears. A new start, a fresh start.

I know all about signing on with a new employer, since I recently changed radio stations as of the first of the year. You want to do everything you can to impress your new bosses and show them how committed you are to making the team and their business a success. Somehow, I don't think Morgan grasps that concept, otherwise he wouldn't be getting arrested a week after signing his deal.

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