Donald Sterling Hanging Out in Beverly Hills Like Nothing Happened (Video)

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Photo by Cliff Wilds
Donald Sterling (center), back in the pre-Instagram days, wasn't opposed to taking pictures with black men.
(Possibly, soon to be former) Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling may have been banished from NBA arenas everywhere earlier this week, but that won't keep him sequestered from society.

To ask Donald Sterling to have the self-awareness to at least lie low for a few days post-punishment before gallivanting around the ritzy hot spots of Southern California is inherently an exercise in futility, for if Donald Sterling had self-awareness in the first place, he wouldn't have been caught on a recording spewing his racial hate over the weekend.

Hell, he might have different views altogether! But alas, this is Donald Sterling we are talking about.

This is the owner who would bring colleagues to the Clippers' locker room after games, while the players were coming out of the showers in just towels, and openly, verbally admire their "beautiful black bodies."

His exact words.

If you listen to the audio recorded by Sterling's archivist/girlfriend/equally deplorable human being V. Stiviano (we only know her as "V" for now), then you know that Sterling lives in a world where the views that are finally getting him tossed from the league are gospel, tenets of a longstanding "culture" (again, his words) that is too vast for him to change. In Sterling's eyes, he's not racist -- he's just a mere feather floating on a breeze through a world where the truth in his eyes is that "black people attract vermin" and "Latinos smoke, drink and lay around all day."

Okay then.

So, it wasn't a real big surprise to see Donald Sterling bebopping around Beverly Hills last night, and even less of a surprise that TMZ had one of their paparazzi-style reporters on site to ask the hard-hitting questions.

Continue for the video:

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MadsenV an email from HBJ headed this way in the subject line: 

"Should a top executive be punished for racist remarks made in private?"

Nah, no way, not a top executive. Not in private. Only his public comments matter. Even if his private comments suddenly go public.

Waiting for this next: Should a President's Sexual Private Picadillos Really Matter to Anyone?

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